How Do You Know? app has been downloaded by thousands of parents, teachers and speech and language professionals to help students enhance their comprehension, speaking and reading skills. Educators love that the app goes beyond basic Q & A to stimulate critical thinking. Schools are adding it to their app libraries because it meets and exceeds common core standards for children.

Teacher Review Summary

'How do you know?' is a fantastic app that has been created by a developer with many years of experience in the field of speech and language difficulties. The app is very popular in our school for children with autism with both children and professionals. I would certainly recommend this app to other teachers and parents. Well done!

Kelley Ford, MS, SLP-CCC said

"What  I really like is that you worked on metalinguistics....how do we know what we know...I have not found that in any other app.   I also like what your app achieves in terms of comprehension- what it is and how do you know what it is-and expressing the relevant, most important details, which as we know is hard for the ASD (autism spectrum disorder) population.

Kristin Cummings, MS, SLP-CCC, From Simply Speech Blog Writes

The app is very easy to navigate.  Like I said before, I love this app goes beyond basic WH-questions and has students answer, "How do you know"?  Critical thinking is something that our (speech language impaired) students struggle with.  Letting them work on this skills while using an iPad is motivating for them.  I also love that this app stores data that can easily be accessed when needed.  Lynn did a great job with this app!

Marie M. Kelly

Love this app and so excited to use it with my Autistic clients. Not only does it ask you to inference but also asks you what the clues are that told you! Great for the kids who are trying to make sense of our world!

Risa Slater

5 STARS!!!!!

This app covers many IEP goals and delves into all areas of language.

Highly recommend!!!

Patti Rabun, Teacher, Top of the World Elementary School, Laguna Beach, CA

Overall, very cool. The students thought it was fun.

I LOVE the reports part! It showed me how the students did. Great to use at school for empathy, inferences, etc.

Brad A. Parent of Special Needs Child

I gave the app to my son on his iPad and he loved it! There is a fun elephant sound when he get the answer right. And he's learning while playing.

He likes it so much he asks for it on his own.

Lumos Learning Teacher Review

The content is richly designed to cover a wide range of topics. Not only does it help students enhance their speech skills, but it also has the added bonus of strengthening reading skills as well. In most modern assessments, students need to read and/or listen to a prompt, answer a question, and then defend their answer. The How Do You Know app has students do just this by asking them a question and then having them select evidence that shows how they arrived at the answer.

All in all, this app meets and exceeds the designed objective.

I would definitely recommend this app to other educators, SLPS's, and parents.
Common Core Standards: RI.1, RL.1, SL.2; (Reading Instruction.1 Reading Listening.1 Speaking.2 Listening.2)